Thus begins our journey,

"Nice to meet you, Velvet Toys!" is not just a slogan from, but a mood, our mood, that aims to be anyone's.

Pleasure, it is used to introduce yourself and make yourself known, it is used to get to know each other!

We are not just a site of ecommerce of sex-toys, lubricants and lingerie

We, at, want to break down taboos with our sex-toys, climb the frontiers of pleasure, get to know those who will believe in our values, the human being, through self-awareness.

And there it is, pleasure, whether it is a vibrator placed in a drawer, or to be found inside us, is the means through which we take care of ourselves and the other, without shyness and without double ends.

The pleasure of being free, the pleasure of having sex, of being able to make erotic fantasies and give ourselves without fear as a couple or alone. 

We are curious and we like sex.

With our sex-toys and lingerie we want to give voice to the real and tangible part of everyone who remains silent.

In an easy and spicy way we will penetrate into the silent desires of being, and make sure that the word Sex is whispered only to make it exciting...

Hi, Chiara, Marta, Andrea, Luca, Fausto, Anna and Lucia, Renzo and Arnaldo...

Through a journey, sometimes ironic and sometimes scientific, we learn to know each other and let ourselves go to moments of fantasy, always straight to the discovery of new shores.

To each his own.

The pleasure is not objective, everyone has their own preferences, there are those who for the first time want to dare and those who make the experience a stimulus for fun, we do not believe in labels, and without judging we try to grasp those preferences and fantasies and then try to dare to surprise us to surprise you. 

Pleasure Velvet-toys!

We are not just an e-commerce site of sex-toys, lubricants and lingerie, but we are curious and we like sex.

Who are you?

What do you like? 

Try to find out with our products.