Tutto parla di amore e di sesso!

list In: Curiosity

The #flowers: they are the way plants make love to nature and the wind... 

Everything around us is about love, we at the online sex shop Velvet Toys, we don't want to do anything else, talk about love, sex is an act of love, towards ourselves and others...

In a world where there is racism, misogyny, homophobia, bullying... The problem is those who talk about love?

Help us to share, #speak love share this tag with us, help us get out of the ban,

Velvet Toys is a sincere activity and with the desire to talk about love without taking itself too seriously... We at the online sex shop of Velvet Toys, we want to grow and know, we want to work, we want and need to talk about love!

Thanks to those who will embrace this initiative!

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