How to win at first encounter, user manual

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Here is a manual for the most shy, User Manual of the first meeting, rules to help trigger the first approach, if you are often uncomfortable and you do not know what the person in front of you is thinking, and you often find yourself in difficulty so that you seem to make a big mess and ruin everything ...

We've worked out some tips for you so that you don't make a mistake and hit the mark with the person you're interested in.

Rule 1: Be confident, but don't be arrogant!

Assertiveness always pays off! Be genuine and sincere without being afraid to show yourself to the other person,

from wikipedia: "Assertiveness (from the Latin "asserere" meaning "to assert"), or assertion (or even self-assertion), is a characteristic of human behavior that consists in the ability to express one's emotions and opinions clearly and effectively without offending or attacking the interlocutor.

Don't be afraid to say how you feel about anything, the most that can happen is that you are not the right person... the sea is full of fish!

rule 2: Show yourself you know how to listen!

If your confidence has hit the mark the person in front of you will most likely be led to open up to you, focus on their words, try to understand if they are embarrassed or curious, try to empathize with the person in front of you, the rest will come of itself. 

rule 3: Inform yourself!

Read and informed, you know your work and the tricks of your favorite hobby, you know everything about sex and how to give pleasure but ... before you get to seduce under the sheets you need to create a feeling outside, start seducing mentally ... to empathize with people you need to know how to follow the speeches he makes, keep informed on various topics of general culture, you do not need to become a graduate in every field, but you do not have to worry about touching topics on which so far you have built castles of cards ...:)

Keeping informed will sharpen your curiosity and when you find a topic you don't know you will be ready to let you explain it without looking bored, people love to feel important! 

rule 4: Have fun!

Follow your instincts and enjoy the meeting! If you see that you're getting bored, or you want to get out of the embarrassment of not being able to communicate in any way with the person in front of you, reset everything and when the time seems right (not while he's talking about boring clients) change the context totally, propose to do something you really like! A pleasant evening with a sincere smile will surely lead to the desire to go out again... maybe you won't want to know more about it!

And how do you prepare for your first meeting? What mantras do you rely on to make it through the evening? Leave a comment below, maybe you can help the shy ones!

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